Friday, July 14, 2017

I'm still here!

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My poor blog has been terribly neglected this year for a number of reasons (not just laziness!). We had some great, interesting meetings, outings, and camps, and I plan to update this summer all the program work, badges, and challenges we did. Water camp, Under the Sea sleepover, lots of outdoor badges and skills -- we had a lot of fun this year!

In the mean time, though, Dropbox has changed how it works and all of the links to my files are broken. I have reorganized my Dropbox and I will be working on updating the links as best I can. (1 post down, 125 to go!). If there is anything you are looking for, comment on this post and I will get the updated link to you.

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  1. First, thank you so much for this blog! I am a new Guide Guider and this is a tremendous resource! I am currently working on the You in Guiding part of the program, and several of the dropbox links for items are broke. Could you send them to me? Thanks,